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We understand the specific challenges businesses face today, and we provide everything you need to build, promote and manage your starting or growing business online, quickly and easily!

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AsiaWeb Technologies, Inc. has been established to provide simple, customized information technology applications and services. A company composed of IT professionals, which shares its dedication to providing quality service to its customers. AsiaWeb Technologies delivers solutions that directly address the client's business needs.

AsiaWeb Technologies is fully committed to innovation and integrating and converging new technologies in industries including Consumer Goods/Retail, Manufacturing, and Banking/Finance into its business solutions while continuously enhancing its business applications to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

To complement the workforce's technical mastery, AsiaWeb Technologies is headed by a team of professionals with strong experience in IT operations across the industries, an invaluable combination that, time and again, has proven its worth to our clients.


AsiaWeb Technologies sees itself as solutions provider of our clients. Our methodology allows us to closely coordinate with our clients while delivering continued support from the earliest stages of our engagement, to launch and beyond.

Rapid Application Development (RAD).

We work with our clients to help them decide what the true objectives of the project will be. We then explore different possible solutions, and different possible architectures, and select the best alternative for our given business and technical environment.

Our developers work to develop and create the solution as it was envisioned in the previous step. We take care to ensure that what is built matches the requirements and that all requirements are built into the system.

Finally, we deliver and deploy the solution. We ensure that all supporting structures and procedures are in place to allow the business to receive the maximum benefit possible.